fredag 30. august 2013

Angel Eyes

 Orange Geranium Angel Eyes

"Your sacred spaced is where you can find yourself over and over again"
Floral Love

lørdag 17. august 2013


Hello, my name is Molly!
 I'm almost eight-month-old! 
 I am a Dachshund.

Camera Critters

torsdag 15. august 2013

Lilies from my garden

LILY, WHITE: Purity, modesty, virginity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you


Thanks to the hosts of these wonderful memes

torsdag 8. august 2013

Blue Angel

Blue Angel, also known by the Latin name of Blekinty Aniol. is a very rich flowering clematis, producing hundreds of flowers from june to Sept.

Floral Love

Shine the Divine